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Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance (D.I.A.R) began by comparing the ideas of Rolf Witzsche with those of Lyndon Larouche. Originally, I watched Rolf brilliantly expose the flaws of Larouche's NAWAPA plan in Oct. 2010. As I read more of Rolf's works, it became clear to me that Larouche was stuck on a number of fronts, the most deadly being his lack of understanding of the ice ages. Rolf's brilliance has occupied a lot of my spare time for year and now the focal point must be stated for mankind-- preparation for the next near term returning ice age and consequent crash of agriculture with another Renaissance, like the 15th C. Golden Renaissance, this time called the 21st C. Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance. Without it, civilization will shortly cease to exist. -- Rick Potvin.


Why does PlasmaUniverse dissociate itself from Holoscience and ElectricUniverse?


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Dynamic Ice Age Reality (DIAR) is here.

Source [+][+]Rolf Witzsche has drawn up plans for a Dynamic Ice Age Reality which is our future if we respond to the ice age we're now descending into..

Rolf is writing about "dynamic systemic change" to face the "ice age challange". This is a true map of the near future that is totally different that any future vision I've ever seen-- and I've studied the future for a long time now. [Rolf's Latest article] No cryonicist or transhumanist can come close to matching the integrity and honesty of this article.

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Sea Levels are FALLING!!!

Source [+] Measuring sea levels is a good indication of the coming ice age.]

Drudge featured this article on Obama this morning. [+] Inadvertently, a mainstream source points to a new coming ice age!!! They didn't mean to do that, as you can see from the comments. Drudge inadvertently blew
the cover off global warming in a smart mouthed attempt to criticize Obama!


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Why does the Milky Way appear to be slanted in the sky?


I've seen theories as to why the Milky Way stars appear at an angle. When we look up at the sky, the milky way should be seen through the edge straight across, in the lower part of the sky in winter in the northern hemisphere and higher up in the summer. The solar system should be in the same plane as the galaxy. Apparently it's not. Why not?

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Larouche KNOWS there is a mini ice age coming in 2020's!

Source [NASA] Look at the forecast for cycle 25!

Check this out. SOURCE [LarouchePAC]

Three independent U.S. studies of solar activity, arrive at the same conclusions put forth earlier by the Pulkovo Observatory in St. Petersburg:

solar activity is declining;
the current solar cycle 24, which began in December 2008 is likely to be a weak one; and
the following cycle, expected to begin around 2018 to 2022, may be so weak as to bring on a new Little Ice Age.

In a 2008 paper, Abdussamotov forecast severely reduced activity in Cycles 25 and 26:
“The earth is no longer threatened by the catastrophic global warming forecast by some scientists; warming passed its peak in 1998-2005, while the value of the TSI by July-September of last year had already declined by 0.47 watts per square meter,” Abdussamatov wrote. “Consequently, we should fear a deep temperature drop, but not catastrophic global warming. Humanity must survive the serious economic, social, demographic and political consequences of a global temperature drop, which will directly affect the national interests of almost all countries and more than 80% of the population of the Earth.”

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1974 was the year Planetary Genocide was initiated.


Warming north pole area explained with actual colder climate.


Larouche's idea that the solar systems bobs up and down through the arms of the galaxy remains unexplained.

The bobbing solar system is a rediculous idea. [Picture from

Larouche wrote

Long term temperature changes are mapped by the change in O-18, O-16 and Be-10 in deep ocean fossil cores over time. Recent work by Dr. Shaviv and others, have correlated these changes with the flux of cosmic ray density, and there appears to be a 145 million year cycle of ice ages which corresponds with the passing of our solar system through the galaxy’s spiral arms.3

Witzsche notes this can't be. He asks why would our solar system be the only one to be bobbing? He's got a point that I haven't seen Larouche or sky Shields answer. And none of the Larouche articles expands on this. Larouche cites a source as 3The Milky Way Galaxy's Spiral Arms and Ice-Age Epochs and the Cosmic Ray Connection, by By Nir J. Shaviv.

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Al Gore's "phony reality" appeal in new Sept. 15 Climate change day?

Gore is full of hot air when he's promising "reality" on Sept. 15, 2011

I just found this psychological warfare piece by Gore and company. [+] He doesn't say what his argument is but note that he's talking about "climate change" without saying anything about it getting hotter or colder, let alone the overdue ice age. Gore is associated with all kinds of projects that tend to decrease the power of humans to exist (green tech) which means that he is a depopulationist. And that means genocide. Larouche has tracked this guys career and it's very British imperial oriented. Now he's brainwashing American kids with this Climate Change Day and calling it reality.

Here are Larouche's references to Gore. [+]

And here are Witzsche's [+]


Global warming hoaxsters say it can lead to an ice age? What?

I'm seeing articles lately that indicate that another version of the global warming hoax involves melting the ice caps, leading to dilution of salt water, leading to an ice age. What is this theory? I dismissed it as nonsense but I keep seeing references to it.


Rolf Witzsche's New World Development Project is startling, almost alien in its insight.

This alien looking illustration of Earth was concieved by
Rolf Witzsche to show what it will have to look like to survive the
coming ice age.

Rolf's latest article begins with
The Earth has been in an ice age epoch, the Pleistocene Epoch, for the last 2 million years, interspersed with pulses of warm interglacial climates, such as the one we are in. The entire development of what we call civilization occurred in the last pulse that is now ending. We are gradually beginning to realize that we have lived in an anomaly. We have never experienced to normal climate of the Pleistocene, but we need to prepare for it if we wish to survive. And this we can do. This begins with understanding the nature of the pulses that give us our warm anomalies.[Continued...]