Saturday, September 24, 2011

Intro to this blog.

Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance (D.I.A.R) began by comparing the ideas of Rolf Witzsche with those of Lyndon Larouche. Originally, I watched Rolf brilliantly expose the flaws of Larouche's NAWAPA plan in Oct. 2010. As I read more of Rolf's works, it became clear to me that Larouche was stuck on a number of fronts, the most deadly being his lack of understanding of the ice ages. Rolf's brilliance has occupied a lot of my spare time for year and now the focal point must be stated for mankind-- preparation for the next near term returning ice age and consequent crash of agriculture with another Renaissance, like the 15th C. Golden Renaissance, this time called the 21st C. Dynamic Ice Age Renaissance. Without it, civilization will shortly cease to exist. -- Rick Potvin.


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