Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Could basalt be used to create a dome over Japan meltdown sites?

Rolf, runs a lot of Japan reactor meltdown radiation stories and now I hear that Japan is shutting down all their reactors. I was intrigued with your take on basalt and looked it up, finding that it's impervious to nuclear radiation....

• Remarkable immunity to nuclear radiation, UV light and biologic contamination
Sudaglass Fiber Technology

Do you think it's worth contacting the right people to suggest basalt domes over the meltdown areas?



Mary Baker Eddy understood public credit??? (Letter to Rolf).


Another astonishing element in a new story by you I'm reading refers to MBE as being the only other person besides Alexander Hamilton who really understood scrip and public credit... that not even Lincoln understood it.

So now MBE is seen to have economics expertise? This is something I'll continue to look into by reading your fiction... although I don't enjoy slogging through fiction per se, most of your fiction is dialog that could be prose.

Christian Science and MBE appear to me to be insane at this point. I can see why the church is going down. I see your effort to reinterpret it as interesting but reading your take on it hasn't helped EXCEPT for these points where you're incorporating MBE into the credit story now. That is one of the wierdest twists I've ever seen.

The geometry of 16 appears to me to be purely insane. However, your emphasis on the scrip of the original Mass Bay Colony-- and placing Alex Hamilton as MORE important than Ben Franklin, I might agree with. I've struggled for several years with larouche's referense to these points... trying to prioritize and talk about them. You're the only Larouche fan I've seen out there to take his ideas on that and expand on it.

There is a CS church around the corner from me. I ALMOST went in last Sunday. It's a very nice looking building. There's obviously some money involved in this "religion". So something is going on. I do not believe you're working alone, despite your claim to that however. I would think it's more reasonable to assume that there are some CS'ers in your area who are with you on this stuff... and that you have CS'ers around the world looking at your material. They NEED something to re-energize their valuable 501c3...

The reading room around the corner from me closed down a long time ago but I had dropped in occasionally for fun but it never led anywhere. It seemed moribund at that time. Your fresh perspective on this changes the entire picture. The reason I see this picture as new today is because of that reference to MBE last night and her understanding of public credit.

Given my understanding of Larouche for 10 years... and given my understanding of the insights you have on Larouche's failed fusion, failed NAWAPA and failure to see electric universe, and basalt and ice age as primary topics, and essentially the bad manners of the LYM toward me, it may very well be that CS could be positioned to make a come-back under MBE-public credit thinking. The only problem of course is that religious 501c3s are supposed to stay out of politics... which is another issue I've heard the right wing churches dispense with as phony... that the real thing a church must stay away from is supporting any particular candidate.. other than that, they CAN talk about public policy. That would be critical to get right.

Again, you're writing is blowing me away.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mao is a great leader in Witzshe's book but a British creation in Larouches.

Witzsche has positioned Mao TseTung as a great leader in a few of his articles... I can't cite them right now. This is shocking to me because Larouche clearly leads you through the connections of Mao to the British. Further, Witzsche positions Chaing KaiChek as a "stooge of the West" (?!). Larouche carefully describes Chaing KaiChek as descended from SunYatSen. There is no way I can resolve this... Witzsche is brilliant in many areas I DO recognize, but this view of Mao seems so counterposed to Larouche's that it's no wonder Larouche people ignore Witzsche. I'll work with this more here.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Plasma channel to the ionosophere would tap all the power we want.


Apparently if you tap the ionosphere, the power goes out of control. So you need two streams and the power of the protons flexes between the two. Not sure why but a guy patented a device to allow this to happen. So why are we not building it? Maybe the patent industry automatically gets things shut down. Someone should just build the damn thing.


Friday, June 10, 2011

I've emailed Rolf and Larouche this morning.

I emailed Larouche asking him what his position is on Witzsche's take on NAWAPA, nuclear fusion and electric universe, given his own position on these. And I emailed Rolf about his email list and doing an open forum for his fans.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No ads in discussion outline now-- so it's easier to use.

Open notice to Rolf and others... This blog is connected to the discussion outline "classroom" where there are now no ads, so you'll load faster and respond faster without ad interference.

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Urgency in discussion between Rolf Readers... Witzsche that is.


I'm putting your name back on my email forward list whenever I make a blog entry. I fully realize your time is valuable and you probably don't have time to respond to my questions. That's why it's all the more important for me to get in touch with your community of readers and fans. I have a sense that we have to open the gate on your worldview (but not necessarily on the CS stuff which I don't get-- I'm in big trouble on that).

My blog covering your material-- is now listed on Google blogs under your name


How about giving referring me to just one of your top partners... or top connected people who know your material... so that they can work with me on answering questions for me? We need an online classroom and a trained instructor--- or self-trained expert on your material.

Agree? I see those dumb young people standing behind the governor general making the speech from the "throne" the other day and it strikes me that these dumb kids have NO idea what the near future hold for them. If they did... they would protest.. .because the Gov Gen was talking about "balancing the budget". Why did none of them ScREAM? and run out in horror? How can these dumb kids stand there and listen to the gov gen destroy their future? If the internet does not become a classroom, we're goners. I've created a classroom with an INDEX... YOU have the articles the REQUIRE READING... now we need a PROFESSOR... you and TOP flight tutorial leaders in the forum I created... in outline format... perfect for 24/7 discussion.
Rick Potvin

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Do the planets have their positions due to Kepler's "harmony"... or is it electrical?

I read somewhere in Rolf Witzsche's articles that the rotations of the planets are due to to surface conductivity and that the revolutiona of the planets around the sun are electrically powered. This in itself is a stunning departure from the gravity universe. Aside from that, however-- but related-- I read last night again in Larouche about Kepler's Harmony of the Spheres. [Source: "How the human mind works (the sight and sound of science)" by Lyndon H. Larouch, Jr. Oct. 8, 2008 EIR]

The article includes a diagram of the "tonalities" of the harmonic orbits of the planets. LYM has explored this in detail in the "basement project" Earlier reference in the article is made to the universe as "self bounded by Kepler's harmonically ordered principle of universal gravitation" as Einstein pointed to. But all this "harmonic ordering"... of the planets and this "self bounding"... must be INCORRECTLY interpreted by Larouche and LYM-- given the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE, right?

QUESTION-- Are the planets postiions in the solar system due to gravity or electric homopolor motor effect? Or both? Is the universe "self bounded" by gravity or electricity? Is Larouche and LYM wrong on these counts?

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Thorium nuclear is the way to go.

[+] This article is beautifully written. It startled me and I thought I knew some things about thorium and nuclear power. Rolf Witzsche writes in a way that brings out the important points in 3D. It's stunning. For example, I never knew that thorium is considered waste in coal mining and represents 10X as much energy as in the coal.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Great Pyramid concentrates cosmic proton rays for genius production?


Rolf has come up with a startling theory that the great pyramid concentrates protons and effectively creates genius. Enter the discussion outline above to grapple with this. My question is... what if we sat in there today? Or can we duplicate the effect? And if that's what it did, then why did the original builders lose their continuity from that point? It appears it didn't really work. It's a fantastic theory however... and still has merit. Rolf himself is a genius for coming up with this.

Power from electrons in the air?

Nexus ran a piece in 1995 that describes getting power from the air. This approximates getting power from the ionosphere but I don't think getting electrons from the air works... still, let's investigate this.

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How to navigate Rolf Witzsche's multiple websites... and what to do about Christian Science.

Rolf has more websites than me... and that's a rare thing. I've had trouble determining what to read now, or later and how to get back to where I want to go. His sites are confusing. This series of posts will try to solve that problem with an ALPHABETICAL INDEX approach. Another aspect of Witzsche that I can't handle is his devotion to Christian Science. From my point of view, Mary Baker Eddy is impossible to understand, even with Rolf's help. My approach so far involves ignoring all the CS stuff and reading Witzshe on his hard science and economics.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rolf Witzsche's critique of latest article by Larouche, "A Certain World Map"

Larouche's latest article "A Certain World Map" is an historical overview of the current situation mankind faces. I'd like to see what Rold Witzshe's reaction is to it.

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