Monday, May 30, 2011

CERN is designed to fail.

An incredible tale is told by Rolf Witzsche in an article about Cern.

Dicussion Outline [+]

Paolo Sarpi enslaved science for the imperial oligarchy of the Venetian/British.

The Venetians invaded England in 1688. Paolo Sarpi created an Anti-Renaissance science philosophy that had the effect of enslaving science to the oligarchy's imperial mission by ignoring universal principles. Sarpi's science philosophy was an update of the failing Aristotelian approach. The Lraouche paper that I read last night that refers to this is from 2008.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

NAWAPA described by Larouche is not viable in Witzsche's view.

I was stunned to discover Rolf Witzsche's excellent critique of the NAWAPA plan which the Larouche PAC youth started selling back in mid-2010 as an economic revival plan. This blog entry will be where I attempt to summarize the current status of the different views on this but the processing of those views will take place in the N54 forum where the outline format serves debate better.

As of now, May 2011, I have not been able to understand why the Larouche people, especially people like Sky Shield and John Hoefle, don't deal with the points that Rolf Witzsche has made-- which essentially involve the possible sudden onset of the next ice age before NAWAPA can be completed. I am setting up this blog/forum debate as an attempt to get the Witzsche people into online debate with the Larouche people over this point. It has to be resolved.

This is being written at a time when the head of the IMF has been arrested and, as  Larouche has pointed out, signals the end of the bailouts. Now, on Cspan I see the head of the FDIC telling us how banks are going to be ended, using psuedo bankruptcy methods.

Enter my outline, where debate is easier over the issue of NAWAPA vs. rivers and water projects using basalt as Witzshe describes here--- [+]

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tornados are electric vorticies.


Ion engines


Witzsche's 2010 index




Ice age is imminent.


Nuclear power plants using thorium are superior.

I discovered, through Witzsche, that thorium reactors are superior. Actually, Larouche first pointed it out but focuses on India without telling me that we have plenty of thorium here in the US. [+]

Are planetary orbits around the sun and planetary revolutions electric powered?

Open letter to Rolf--

I read this on Thunderbolt site...

The naked electric force is1039 times more powerful than gravity. In its various manifestations it holds the universe together. It creates galactic structure, forms and lights the stars, and drives the formation of planetary systems. Electric fields not only pervade the macrocosm, they are active throughout our solar system. And on Earth charge separation is not an effect of the movement of air or water—it exists already and is a primary cause of movement. At the most basic level, electric currents are the prime cause of rotational movement in the universe.
We live in a connected, electrically animated universe. And Nature does not ignore the utility of the electric motor!

MY QUESTION - Do you think the earth's revolution, the moon's orbit around the Earth and the Earth's orbit around the sun as well as other movements of plants and moons is electrically powered just like a motor? I ask this because it has always struck me as odd that, for example, the moon doesn't eventually lose momentum and fall into the Earth. Or that the Earth doesn't eventually lose gravity-powered momemtum and fall into the sun. It MUST be because our motion is electrically powered, ultimately by incoming electricity. The whole setup is motorized like some giant midway ride at a carnival. (And just like a carnival, we have freak shows-- starring "meteorologists" and "physicists".:) "Step right up! See the fat meteorologist pretend there is no electricity powering tornados or moving planets! See the historical curiosity called the fizzicyst-- who denies electrical motors in space!".

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Joplin tornado had too much energy to be just air-- witness similar thing on Mars.

Having read Witzsche carefully since Nov. 2010 (I had run across him several years previous with no real follow up), I've become tuned in to the electric universe theory as never before. The articles on Rense I ran across since 2007 were mildly interesting but didn't pack the punch that Witzshe's writing did. Neither did the Eric Lerner book on the Big Bang affect me as much as Witzshe's series on the net. I read Lerner in 1995 and he convinced me the big bang never happened for the first time in my life... but he didn't dig deeply enough into plasma.

This latest super tornado that destroyed Joplin, looked at from the point of view of the electric universe, got me thinking that tornados in general must be electrically powered. The power of the thing was just too much to explain by air temperature differentials and a bit of static electricity. In reading Witzshe, I reviewed Tesla and was amazed to rediscover for myself the complete plans for Tesla's internet in 1903 using the ionosphere and the Wardenclyffe tower system. This reveals the power of the electricity layer of the atmosphere. Could tornadoes be powered by that layer? Of course!

This morning, I ran across even more indicators that tornados are primarily electric vortexes... they are in fact Birkeland Vortexes! One website describes the tornados on Mars...

On Mars, monstrous dust devils -- some ten times larger
than any tornadoes on Earth -- have exposed planetary scientists' disinterest in all things
electrical. A NASA press release stated, "When humans visit Mars, they'll have to watch
out for towering electrified dust devils." They attribute the electric fields of the "dust
devils" to solar heating and the resulting mechanical energy of air convection, acting on
dust particles, to separate charge in rapidly moving "dust clouds." But the Martian
atmosphere is less than one percent as dense as Earth's, and the mechanical ability of its
air to carry dust particles to the apparent speeds and heights of these monstrous vortices
is at best improbable. In the Electric Universe interpretation, wind is not asked to do
either the improbable or the inconceivable. Charge separation is already present in the
Martian atmosphere because the planet is a charged body. And rotating columns of air
and dust are a natural consequence of atmospheric electric currents.

Very nice piece of writing... from Talbott and Thornhill in "Is the Universe Electric" reprinted on HWArmstrongs site in PDF [+] I had the pleasure of listening to George Noori interview Talbott and Thornhill a few nights ago overnight on the radio show Coast to Coast.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin super tornado was electro-magnetic and might have been HAARP created.

I'm speculating beyond Rolf here in this post. Rolf has done excellent writing on the electric universe and so when I saw that Joplin carnage on TV this morning, I began wondering if tornados are electrically powered by the ionosphere. Sure enough, I found one reference in Popular Science from 1968 proving that they are. Then I found this page... which explains how tornados are both magnetic and electric... which is consistent with electric universe theory.... Haarp toys with the ionosphere and you need POWER to run a tornado like the Joplin destroyer... actual power beyond any wind temperature differential that we normally think of as a tornado-creator. Look at this piece. [+]

Larouche is not paying attention to this and he one article on the Mississippi flood but if you watch the Agenda21 critical awareness sites, then both the floods and this Joplin tornado are consistent with an Agenda21 clearing of human settlements in the area.


1. I found this detailed article about electromagnetism and tornados that explains the situation as experts currently understand it. Lots of pics and illustrations. Really nice article. It still lends itself to the possibility that Haarp arrays are used to amplify tornado effects. [+]

Saturday, May 21, 2011

How do Larouche people respond to Witzsche's "Enabling the Inevitable"?

[+] Rolf Witzsche makes a stunningly reasonable case against NAWAPA in this article. How do the Larouche people respond to it? I've already had one Larouche person hang up on me (slamming the phone) after I tried to talk to her about Rolf's ideas. This is the first time I've seen evidence that the Larouche people are being blinded somehow... which is astounding to me given the line of history and economics I've been reading on the Larouche site for 10 years. Is Rolf getting any reaonable feedback from Larouche people or do they slam the phone down on him too?

Amazing illustration of how Tesla's ionosphere tapping towers would work.

ttower3.jpg 577×431 pixels

Ice age could be within 20 years according to Hecht, a Larouche writer-- yet Larouche ignores?

`````I've been reading Witzshe since Nov. 2010-- although I ran across him several years ago and made an impact on me but not as much as in late 2010-- and I've been reading Larouche since Jan. 2000 and he has influenced me beyond my own belief. Larouche's writing is amazing. Witzshe is even more amazing... and directly contradicts some of larouche's points... which is stunning. Nobody I personally know shares my astonishment and wonder... and yet we must have resolution for mankinds' survival.
`````Larouche points to the ice age only obliquely in this article, [Deepest solar Minimum in a Century]. It's actually authored by Hecht and Murphy in a Larouche publication. Hecht and Murphy refer to the cycles as follows....

Over a century of climatological studies has demonstrated that longer-term climate is driven by changes in the Earth's orbital relationship to the Sun. Over the past 2 million years, cycles in orbital parameters lasting 20,000, 40,000, and 100,000 years have combined to produce glaciations lasting from 100,000 to 200,000 years over the Northern Hemisphere. The last glacial advance, which ended approximately 12,000 years ago, covered North America, down to the latitude of New York and Chicago, with a blanket of ice estimated to be 1 to 2 miles thick.

and this....

The present Earth-Sun orbital relationship is such that the onset of a new glaciation is to be expected at any time soon. The Earth, indeed, has been in a prolonged cooling since the Holocene climatic optimum of 3000 B.C.

`````Witzsche has not mentioned the Holocene optimum as far as I've read him... he may have pointed to it and I missed it. The critical idea is that this article by Hecht and Murphy was published by Larouche in 2009 and it ends with this stunning conlusion....

The immediate possibility of cooling over the next two decades is going to add more challenges in the face of the onrushing global economic crisis. But it is also in times of crisis, that mankind's gift of creativity is of the greatest importance. When mankind uses its creativity, there is no problem or challenge so great that it cannot be solved.

````They refer to the next two decades... and yet Larouche's NAWAPA will take 50 years. How can the Larouche people be serious about NAWAPA with this obvious contradiction... which contradiction is nicely highlighted by Witzsche who apparently has been trying to communicate this problem to the Larouche crowd.

NOTE TO ROLF-- Alfven said magnetohydrodyamics was a mistake that led to wild goose chase on fusion... is Larouche refusing to accept Alfvens retraction as well... which explains Larouche's continued enthusiasm for fusion? see this post-->-here]

Is Larouche mistaken about fusion because he too did not accept Afven's retraction?

`````In chapter 1 of "Electric Universe" by Thornhill & Talbott, on page 12 at the bottom, we see where Alfven wanted to retract his earlier magnetohydrodynamic theory that didn't emphasize electricity enough. The paragraph points to Alfven noting the failure of fusion after 30 years (in 1970!!) to be a RESULT OF HIS (Aflven's) EARLIER MISTAKE!!!

`````To Rolf-- Does this make sense to you? This is an astonishing little piece of the fusion story that I'm interested in knowing more about. Larouche has been pushing fusion. Is Larouche under the same error as those who didn't accept Afven's retraction?

Solar cycles and their effects -- comparing Witzsche and Larouche's views.

[Witzsche's view]

[Larouche's view]

REview the links above and see if there is any comparison that can be made between Witzshe's understanding and Larouche's understanding of solar cycles and their effect on the earth or man.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Youtube videos about the electric universe theory are plentiful.

`````Here's one to start... it's only a 5 minute intro. Note that much of the discussion by and around Thornhill doesn't get into the coming ice age... which is an understood consequence of electric universe theory. Witzsche emphasizes that. As well, Larouche is becoming more problematic as he and his people ignore this angle... the coming ice age, the electric universe. I don't understand them now. Witzshe has rocked the Larouche world by pointing out the pointlessness of the original NAWAPA but Larouche people are still pushing it. On the other other hand, Witzshce promotes the strange Mary Baker Eddy Christian Science material which I find tedious and just so unrelated that I can't believe he's involved in it. It makes absolutely no sense. Anyway, watch this short video intro to electric universe.

Talbot and Thornhill on Noori

Talbot and Thronhill were on Noori last night! [+]

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tonight I'll be reading "Apocalypse on demand?"... to see what Rolf says there.

Here's the article [Print it out] If you print out on lined 3 ring paper, on one side, you can use the opposite side to take notes.

May 18, 2011
`````I'm halfway through reading this piece and for the first time, the thing comes into clear focus. has posted numerous pieces on HAARP and I've seen various articles on it on other conspiracy sites over the past decade or so. Witzsche puts an excellent point to it, however, that all other articles have missed. Still working on the article. Note that he calls the people behind the weaponized use of it "master of empire" rather than "British Empire" as Larouche would. Larouche doesn't look at HAARP as a weaponized tool. Larouche has taken a tangential move in the world of this analysis toward solar and galactic triggered earthquakes... which Witzsche slams as simply not happening since solar activity has fallen since 1957.

Rolf, what do you think of Tesla's work?

Tesla invented a tower to draw ionosphere plasma power, didn't he? I can't find references to him on your site. Please answer in this public blog if you would. If not, then email again. Thanks.

Fusion power is not possible since fusion is fission in actuality.

I just read Witzsche's article about free energy that explains how fusion isn't really fusion when we think of it as a source of energy. This is the wildest craziest explanation I've ever seen of why fusion won't work... by definition it isn't even what we thought it was. [+]


Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm reading and being astonished by Rolf Witzsche every evening lately.

`````I can't get enough of Rolf Witzsche's writing lately. Every day I try to print out one of his articles. The implications of what he's writing are huge and profound. I'm currently gripped by the comparison between the latest LarouchePAC video on the solar impact on earthquakes compared to Witzsche's analysis. The LarouchePAC youth on the video never uses the term "electric universe" or plasma. It's the biggest mystery to me each day. I've been emailing Witzsche occasionally and he is writing back with informative responses. I feel compelled to write a good format blog/forum like this so that I can go around to some other Larouche and Witzsche readers and get them to discuss the problem with me here. There is no other forum on the net that does what I plan to do here.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The "missing link" might be "The Swan" of Cygnus X3, portrayed in Catholicism as the Holy Spirit Bird.

Rolf was inspired to update his thinking on Cyngus x3's role in human evolution as a result of my pointing him to the unique cosmic rays coming from that star system-- which varies in intensity-- not merely density. This is especially true when the heliosphere weakens and Earth is exposed to more cosmic rays during ice ages. [see Rolf's Cygnus x3 article]

In this study, Rolf goes to some length in describing The Swan, the ancient symbol for the cosmic structure that Cygnus x3 is part of. It may even be generating particles that are something we are unfamiliar with at this time, beyond electrons and protons. Rolf describes the ancient mythologies surrounding The Swan... and as I read this description, I was reminded of the symbol of The Holy Spriit in my Catholic upbringing. Here is a google picture search on that... [here] Symbolism that corresponds to Rolf's description of the effect on human genius of The Bird is astounding. Is the "Holy Spirit" the missing link???

Sticking your head in the Beviac Particle Accelerator might be mind expanding.

I pointed Rolf to the further speculations on Cygnus x3 which he then wrote a further study on here... [Cygnux x3]. In this study, Rolf describes an account of a scientist who sticks his head in a particle accerator. Given the speculation on the role of the higher INTENSITY (not mere density) of the Cygus cosmic rays in human evolution and genius production, it may very well be that putting your head in the accelerator like Tobias did might make you a higher evolved human genius. Sticking your head in your microwave oven would NOT be the way to start however. Still, the principle of sticking your head into machines is similar. The only problem I see with sticking your head in a particle accelerator is that Rolf speculates that Cygnus might be generating a brand new particle that we haven't yet discovered. In that case, an ordinary particle accelerator will not do.

Cygnus x3 galaxy more significant as a result of my findings.

In the header of this blog, you'll find link to Rolf Witzsche's site... and to my discussion blog about his work. I've been emailing him questions and comments since November 2010, astonished at how he has found holes in Larouche's choice projects, like NAWAPA and fusion. Lately, I discovered more about Cygnus x3, a star system, that is profound and unbelievable but nevertheless promisingly verifiable. Rolf was inspired to add three new studies to his work generated by my findings. Quote...

"Just a quick one, it's getting late:

Thanks for your comment on Cygnus x3. You may find my exploration useful. It has helped me with my other two studies:

[The science of the Ice Age Precursor - mankind at the crossroads]


[THIS IS DIRECTLY RELATED to my findings regarding Cygnus x3.]
[Cygnus x3 and Human Evolution - the missing link?]

Some more later,
Rolf Witzsche" unquote

Monday, May 2, 2011

NAWAPA as promoted by Lyndon Larouche is obsolete-- Witzche's basalt pipes and river capture have LEAST ACTION (least time)

Incredibly, the Larouche basement team is ignorning Witzsche. I understand Larouche's points thoroughly... I've been reading him for 10 years... and so I have a deep appreciatino for Witzsches's update critique of Larouche's NAWAPA plan. What is going on in the Larouche org that they are NOT commenting or CONVERTING to Witzsche"s Water World?

Witzche points to HAARP caused Japan earthquake negating Larouche's cosmic cause.

Astonishingly, Witzsche has pointed to HAARP caused earthquakes completely denying Larouche's theory that the Japan 9.0 big one in April 2011 was the result of the sun or other cosmic forces. Larouche was very big on this a few weeks ago... Larouche has not written any retractions that I know of... Witzsche didn't specifically call Larouche out on this.

Larouche's first major effort in 2011 was to push for NAWAPA... which appears to be a waste of time once one reads Witzshe on the coming ice age. As well, Witzche has completely detroyed Larouche's arguments for fusion.

Witzsche is clearly a fan of Larouche in economics and history principles... but his shocking exposes of the weakness of Larouche's platform blows me away. The latest upset of my reading of Larouche is Witzshe's pointing to HAARP... where Larouche and associates never mention it.