Saturday, September 10, 2011

Larouche KNOWS there is a mini ice age coming in 2020's!

Source [NASA] Look at the forecast for cycle 25!

Check this out. SOURCE [LarouchePAC]

Three independent U.S. studies of solar activity, arrive at the same conclusions put forth earlier by the Pulkovo Observatory in St. Petersburg:

solar activity is declining;
the current solar cycle 24, which began in December 2008 is likely to be a weak one; and
the following cycle, expected to begin around 2018 to 2022, may be so weak as to bring on a new Little Ice Age.

In a 2008 paper, Abdussamotov forecast severely reduced activity in Cycles 25 and 26:
“The earth is no longer threatened by the catastrophic global warming forecast by some scientists; warming passed its peak in 1998-2005, while the value of the TSI by July-September of last year had already declined by 0.47 watts per square meter,” Abdussamatov wrote. “Consequently, we should fear a deep temperature drop, but not catastrophic global warming. Humanity must survive the serious economic, social, demographic and political consequences of a global temperature drop, which will directly affect the national interests of almost all countries and more than 80% of the population of the Earth.”

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  1. LaRouche's action is a great example of scientific dishonesty, a form of avoidance behavior coined by Rolf Witzsche.

    Just as the global warming "scientists" avoided and suppressed all facts which might refute their grand theories, so LaRouche suppresses new ideas about the old NAWAPA. He should welcome new ideas for meeting the challenges of climate change. A true scientist would welcome all ideas and discuss them openly in a forum like this.
    Like too many other great leaders of the past, LaRouche is sweeping all new ideas under the rug of dishonesty. One person is not capable of having all the answers. A true leader knows this and acts accordingly.

  2. It's unbelievable to me after getting to know Larouche over 10 yrs through his writing.

    thanks for posting, let's get some others visiting here to talk Witzsche