Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's look at Larouche's latest article on Creative Universe through Witzsche's eyes.

[Larouche article... creative universe] I've only touched on this article but will read it more depth in coming days with an eye on Witzsche's work as far as I understand him.

Larouche says the electromagnetics of the earth are changing leading to beachings of whales for example. Animals use em pathways. He's saying something is happning in the solar system at large... to cause these disruptions. Witzsche points to the ELECTRIC universe-- and plasma or charged particles as highly influential on earth climate and even human evolution and mind, taking it further than Larouche. What more can we say on this?

Larouche points to the instant solution Glass Steagall would produce on the bad debts leading to destructive austerity. What is Witzsche's view on Glass Steagall?


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