Monday, May 2, 2011

Witzche points to HAARP caused Japan earthquake negating Larouche's cosmic cause.

Astonishingly, Witzsche has pointed to HAARP caused earthquakes completely denying Larouche's theory that the Japan 9.0 big one in April 2011 was the result of the sun or other cosmic forces. Larouche was very big on this a few weeks ago... Larouche has not written any retractions that I know of... Witzsche didn't specifically call Larouche out on this.

Larouche's first major effort in 2011 was to push for NAWAPA... which appears to be a waste of time once one reads Witzshe on the coming ice age. As well, Witzche has completely detroyed Larouche's arguments for fusion.

Witzsche is clearly a fan of Larouche in economics and history principles... but his shocking exposes of the weakness of Larouche's platform blows me away. The latest upset of my reading of Larouche is Witzshe's pointing to HAARP... where Larouche and associates never mention it.

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