Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mary Baker Eddy understood public credit??? (Letter to Rolf).


Another astonishing element in a new story by you I'm reading refers to MBE as being the only other person besides Alexander Hamilton who really understood scrip and public credit... that not even Lincoln understood it.

So now MBE is seen to have economics expertise? This is something I'll continue to look into by reading your fiction... although I don't enjoy slogging through fiction per se, most of your fiction is dialog that could be prose.

Christian Science and MBE appear to me to be insane at this point. I can see why the church is going down. I see your effort to reinterpret it as interesting but reading your take on it hasn't helped EXCEPT for these points where you're incorporating MBE into the credit story now. That is one of the wierdest twists I've ever seen.

The geometry of 16 appears to me to be purely insane. However, your emphasis on the scrip of the original Mass Bay Colony-- and placing Alex Hamilton as MORE important than Ben Franklin, I might agree with. I've struggled for several years with larouche's referense to these points... trying to prioritize and talk about them. You're the only Larouche fan I've seen out there to take his ideas on that and expand on it.

There is a CS church around the corner from me. I ALMOST went in last Sunday. It's a very nice looking building. There's obviously some money involved in this "religion". So something is going on. I do not believe you're working alone, despite your claim to that however. I would think it's more reasonable to assume that there are some CS'ers in your area who are with you on this stuff... and that you have CS'ers around the world looking at your material. They NEED something to re-energize their valuable 501c3...

The reading room around the corner from me closed down a long time ago but I had dropped in occasionally for fun but it never led anywhere. It seemed moribund at that time. Your fresh perspective on this changes the entire picture. The reason I see this picture as new today is because of that reference to MBE last night and her understanding of public credit.

Given my understanding of Larouche for 10 years... and given my understanding of the insights you have on Larouche's failed fusion, failed NAWAPA and failure to see electric universe, and basalt and ice age as primary topics, and essentially the bad manners of the LYM toward me, it may very well be that CS could be positioned to make a come-back under MBE-public credit thinking. The only problem of course is that religious 501c3s are supposed to stay out of politics... which is another issue I've heard the right wing churches dispense with as phony... that the real thing a church must stay away from is supporting any particular candidate.. other than that, they CAN talk about public policy. That would be critical to get right.

Again, you're writing is blowing me away.


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