Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Urgency in discussion between Rolf Readers... Witzsche that is.


I'm putting your name back on my email forward list whenever I make a blog entry. I fully realize your time is valuable and you probably don't have time to respond to my questions. That's why it's all the more important for me to get in touch with your community of readers and fans. I have a sense that we have to open the gate on your worldview (but not necessarily on the CS stuff which I don't get-- I'm in big trouble on that).

My blog covering your material-- is now listed on Google blogs under your name


How about giving referring me to just one of your top partners... or top connected people who know your material... so that they can work with me on answering questions for me? We need an online classroom and a trained instructor--- or self-trained expert on your material.

Agree? I see those dumb young people standing behind the governor general making the speech from the "throne" the other day and it strikes me that these dumb kids have NO idea what the near future hold for them. If they did... they would protest.. .because the Gov Gen was talking about "balancing the budget". Why did none of them ScREAM? and run out in horror? How can these dumb kids stand there and listen to the gov gen destroy their future? If the internet does not become a classroom, we're goners. I've created a classroom with an INDEX... YOU have the articles the REQUIRE READING... now we need a PROFESSOR... you and TOP flight tutorial leaders in the forum I created... in outline format... perfect for 24/7 discussion.
Rick Potvin

Discussion outline for this point \[+]

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