Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mao is a great leader in Witzshe's book but a British creation in Larouches.

Witzsche has positioned Mao TseTung as a great leader in a few of his articles... I can't cite them right now. This is shocking to me because Larouche clearly leads you through the connections of Mao to the British. Further, Witzsche positions Chaing KaiChek as a "stooge of the West" (?!). Larouche carefully describes Chaing KaiChek as descended from SunYatSen. There is no way I can resolve this... Witzsche is brilliant in many areas I DO recognize, but this view of Mao seems so counterposed to Larouche's that it's no wonder Larouche people ignore Witzsche. I'll work with this more here.


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