Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is Larouche mistaken about fusion because he too did not accept Afven's retraction?

`````In chapter 1 of "Electric Universe" by Thornhill & Talbott, on page 12 at the bottom, we see where Alfven wanted to retract his earlier magnetohydrodynamic theory that didn't emphasize electricity enough. The paragraph points to Alfven noting the failure of fusion after 30 years (in 1970!!) to be a RESULT OF HIS (Aflven's) EARLIER MISTAKE!!!

`````To Rolf-- Does this make sense to you? This is an astonishing little piece of the fusion story that I'm interested in knowing more about. Larouche has been pushing fusion. Is Larouche under the same error as those who didn't accept Afven's retraction?

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