Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are planetary orbits around the sun and planetary revolutions electric powered?

Open letter to Rolf--

I read this on Thunderbolt site...

The naked electric force is1039 times more powerful than gravity. In its various manifestations it holds the universe together. It creates galactic structure, forms and lights the stars, and drives the formation of planetary systems. Electric fields not only pervade the macrocosm, they are active throughout our solar system. And on Earth charge separation is not an effect of the movement of air or water—it exists already and is a primary cause of movement. At the most basic level, electric currents are the prime cause of rotational movement in the universe.
We live in a connected, electrically animated universe. And Nature does not ignore the utility of the electric motor!

MY QUESTION - Do you think the earth's revolution, the moon's orbit around the Earth and the Earth's orbit around the sun as well as other movements of plants and moons is electrically powered just like a motor? I ask this because it has always struck me as odd that, for example, the moon doesn't eventually lose momentum and fall into the Earth. Or that the Earth doesn't eventually lose gravity-powered momemtum and fall into the sun. It MUST be because our motion is electrically powered, ultimately by incoming electricity. The whole setup is motorized like some giant midway ride at a carnival. (And just like a carnival, we have freak shows-- starring "meteorologists" and "physicists".:) "Step right up! See the fat meteorologist pretend there is no electricity powering tornados or moving planets! See the historical curiosity called the fizzicyst-- who denies electrical motors in space!".

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