Friday, May 27, 2011

NAWAPA described by Larouche is not viable in Witzsche's view.

I was stunned to discover Rolf Witzsche's excellent critique of the NAWAPA plan which the Larouche PAC youth started selling back in mid-2010 as an economic revival plan. This blog entry will be where I attempt to summarize the current status of the different views on this but the processing of those views will take place in the N54 forum where the outline format serves debate better.

As of now, May 2011, I have not been able to understand why the Larouche people, especially people like Sky Shield and John Hoefle, don't deal with the points that Rolf Witzsche has made-- which essentially involve the possible sudden onset of the next ice age before NAWAPA can be completed. I am setting up this blog/forum debate as an attempt to get the Witzsche people into online debate with the Larouche people over this point. It has to be resolved.

This is being written at a time when the head of the IMF has been arrested and, as  Larouche has pointed out, signals the end of the bailouts. Now, on Cspan I see the head of the FDIC telling us how banks are going to be ended, using psuedo bankruptcy methods.

Enter my outline, where debate is easier over the issue of NAWAPA vs. rivers and water projects using basalt as Witzshe describes here--- [+]

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