Thursday, May 19, 2011

Youtube videos about the electric universe theory are plentiful.

`````Here's one to start... it's only a 5 minute intro. Note that much of the discussion by and around Thornhill doesn't get into the coming ice age... which is an understood consequence of electric universe theory. Witzsche emphasizes that. As well, Larouche is becoming more problematic as he and his people ignore this angle... the coming ice age, the electric universe. I don't understand them now. Witzshe has rocked the Larouche world by pointing out the pointlessness of the original NAWAPA but Larouche people are still pushing it. On the other other hand, Witzshce promotes the strange Mary Baker Eddy Christian Science material which I find tedious and just so unrelated that I can't believe he's involved in it. It makes absolutely no sense. Anyway, watch this short video intro to electric universe.

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