Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The "missing link" might be "The Swan" of Cygnus X3, portrayed in Catholicism as the Holy Spirit Bird.

Rolf was inspired to update his thinking on Cyngus x3's role in human evolution as a result of my pointing him to the unique cosmic rays coming from that star system-- which varies in intensity-- not merely density. This is especially true when the heliosphere weakens and Earth is exposed to more cosmic rays during ice ages. [see Rolf's Cygnus x3 article]

In this study, Rolf goes to some length in describing The Swan, the ancient symbol for the cosmic structure that Cygnus x3 is part of. It may even be generating particles that are something we are unfamiliar with at this time, beyond electrons and protons. Rolf describes the ancient mythologies surrounding The Swan... and as I read this description, I was reminded of the symbol of The Holy Spriit in my Catholic upbringing. Here is a google picture search on that... [here] Symbolism that corresponds to Rolf's description of the effect on human genius of The Bird is astounding. Is the "Holy Spirit" the missing link???

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