Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tonight I'll be reading "Apocalypse on demand?"... to see what Rolf says there.

Here's the article [Print it out] If you print out on lined 3 ring paper, on one side, you can use the opposite side to take notes.

May 18, 2011
`````I'm halfway through reading this piece and for the first time, the thing comes into clear focus. Rense.com has posted numerous pieces on HAARP and I've seen various articles on it on other conspiracy sites over the past decade or so. Witzsche puts an excellent point to it, however, that all other articles have missed. Still working on the article. Note that he calls the people behind the weaponized use of it "master of empire" rather than "British Empire" as Larouche would. Larouche doesn't look at HAARP as a weaponized tool. Larouche has taken a tangential move in the world of this analysis toward solar and galactic triggered earthquakes... which Witzsche slams as simply not happening since solar activity has fallen since 1957.

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