Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sticking your head in the Beviac Particle Accelerator might be mind expanding.

I pointed Rolf to the further speculations on Cygnus x3 which he then wrote a further study on here... [Cygnux x3]. In this study, Rolf describes an account of a scientist who sticks his head in a particle accerator. Given the speculation on the role of the higher INTENSITY (not mere density) of the Cygus cosmic rays in human evolution and genius production, it may very well be that putting your head in the accelerator like Tobias did might make you a higher evolved human genius. Sticking your head in your microwave oven would NOT be the way to start however. Still, the principle of sticking your head into machines is similar. The only problem I see with sticking your head in a particle accelerator is that Rolf speculates that Cygnus might be generating a brand new particle that we haven't yet discovered. In that case, an ordinary particle accelerator will not do.

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