Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm reading and being astonished by Rolf Witzsche every evening lately.

`````I can't get enough of Rolf Witzsche's writing lately. Every day I try to print out one of his articles. The implications of what he's writing are huge and profound. I'm currently gripped by the comparison between the latest LarouchePAC video on the solar impact on earthquakes compared to Witzsche's analysis. The LarouchePAC youth on the video never uses the term "electric universe" or plasma. It's the biggest mystery to me each day. I've been emailing Witzsche occasionally and he is writing back with informative responses. I feel compelled to write a good format blog/forum like this so that I can go around to some other Larouche and Witzsche readers and get them to discuss the problem with me here. There is no other forum on the net that does what I plan to do here.

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