Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Joplin tornado had too much energy to be just air-- witness similar thing on Mars.

Having read Witzsche carefully since Nov. 2010 (I had run across him several years previous with no real follow up), I've become tuned in to the electric universe theory as never before. The articles on Rense I ran across since 2007 were mildly interesting but didn't pack the punch that Witzshe's writing did. Neither did the Eric Lerner book on the Big Bang affect me as much as Witzshe's series on the net. I read Lerner in 1995 and he convinced me the big bang never happened for the first time in my life... but he didn't dig deeply enough into plasma.

This latest super tornado that destroyed Joplin, looked at from the point of view of the electric universe, got me thinking that tornados in general must be electrically powered. The power of the thing was just too much to explain by air temperature differentials and a bit of static electricity. In reading Witzshe, I reviewed Tesla and was amazed to rediscover for myself the complete plans for Tesla's internet in 1903 using the ionosphere and the Wardenclyffe tower system. This reveals the power of the electricity layer of the atmosphere. Could tornadoes be powered by that layer? Of course!

This morning, I ran across even more indicators that tornados are primarily electric vortexes... they are in fact Birkeland Vortexes! One website describes the tornados on Mars...

On Mars, monstrous dust devils -- some ten times larger
than any tornadoes on Earth -- have exposed planetary scientists' disinterest in all things
electrical. A NASA press release stated, "When humans visit Mars, they'll have to watch
out for towering electrified dust devils." They attribute the electric fields of the "dust
devils" to solar heating and the resulting mechanical energy of air convection, acting on
dust particles, to separate charge in rapidly moving "dust clouds." But the Martian
atmosphere is less than one percent as dense as Earth's, and the mechanical ability of its
air to carry dust particles to the apparent speeds and heights of these monstrous vortices
is at best improbable. In the Electric Universe interpretation, wind is not asked to do
either the improbable or the inconceivable. Charge separation is already present in the
Martian atmosphere because the planet is a charged body. And rotating columns of air
and dust are a natural consequence of atmospheric electric currents.

Very nice piece of writing... from Talbott and Thornhill in "Is the Universe Electric" reprinted on HWArmstrongs site in PDF [+] I had the pleasure of listening to George Noori interview Talbott and Thornhill a few nights ago overnight on the radio show Coast to Coast.

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