Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cygnus x3 galaxy more significant as a result of my findings.

In the header of this blog, you'll find link to Rolf Witzsche's site... and to my discussion blog about his work. I've been emailing him questions and comments since November 2010, astonished at how he has found holes in Larouche's choice projects, like NAWAPA and fusion. Lately, I discovered more about Cygnus x3, a star system, that is profound and unbelievable but nevertheless promisingly verifiable. Rolf was inspired to add three new studies to his work generated by my findings. Quote...

"Just a quick one, it's getting late:

Thanks for your comment on Cygnus x3. You may find my exploration useful. It has helped me with my other two studies:

[The science of the Ice Age Precursor - mankind at the crossroads]


[THIS IS DIRECTLY RELATED to my findings regarding Cygnus x3.]
[Cygnus x3 and Human Evolution - the missing link?]

Some more later,
Rolf Witzsche" unquote

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