Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin super tornado was electro-magnetic and might have been HAARP created.

I'm speculating beyond Rolf here in this post. Rolf has done excellent writing on the electric universe and so when I saw that Joplin carnage on TV this morning, I began wondering if tornados are electrically powered by the ionosphere. Sure enough, I found one reference in Popular Science from 1968 proving that they are. Then I found this page... which explains how tornados are both magnetic and electric... which is consistent with electric universe theory.... Haarp toys with the ionosphere and you need POWER to run a tornado like the Joplin destroyer... actual power beyond any wind temperature differential that we normally think of as a tornado-creator. Look at this piece. [+]

Larouche is not paying attention to this and he one article on the Mississippi flood but if you watch the Agenda21 critical awareness sites, then both the floods and this Joplin tornado are consistent with an Agenda21 clearing of human settlements in the area.


1. I found this detailed article about electromagnetism and tornados that explains the situation as experts currently understand it. Lots of pics and illustrations. Really nice article. It still lends itself to the possibility that Haarp arrays are used to amplify tornado effects. [+]

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